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  • Top 5 Computer Operating Systems ?️
    Computers are widely used in the world today because of their speed, efficiency, and reliability. They come in various shapes, models, sizes, designs, and operating systems. Banks, schools, offices, workshops, … Read more
  • Newborn Baby Necessities ??
    No one ever said being a new parent was going to be easy! But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be hard either. To help you out a little, … Read more
  • Why you need life insurance ⏳
    Buying life insurance is one of the most essential financial decisions to make as humans, yet, but not everyone is insured. Why is it so essential? Simple, irrespective of how … Read more
  • What to Eat & Where to Go in Amsterdam ??
    I love Amsterdam. From the awesome options of food, to the beautiful European architecture & deep rooted culture. Amsterdam is a must visit destination. I’ve compiled the below list of … Read more
  • 9 Travel Essentials You Must Have Before Traveling ??
    Traveling is hard – but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve curated a list of the top items you’ll need on your next journey. First Aid Kid Portable Charger RFID … Read more
  • Top 7 Best Nightstand Lamps ??️
    Are you constantly reaching for your phone late at night to turn on your flashlight? Need to get to the bathroom, read your book or do some late night typing? … Read more
  • The 6 Best Sectional Sofas under $899 ?️
    Sectional sofas are typically quite expensive. ?️ If you are looking for a solid sectional to put in your new apartment & last you 5+ years, we’ve put together the … Read more
  • Top 15 Trade Show Promotional Items that your Guests will actually Keep ?‍??
    People love to get gifts, most especially if it is very useful and purposeful. Giving your guests useful and durable promotional items will be beneficial for your business’s marketing & … Read more
  • Do you know your ancestral background? ??
    Have you ever wondered about your family history? Whether you want to know where your ancestors come from, find & connect with long-lost relatives or even get to know more … Read more
  • Top 5 Secure Web Browsers ??
    Many web browsers come with a wide range of features and add-ons, some offer protection while others work on different operating systems. There are tens of web browsers out there … Read more
  • Charcoal vs Gas BBQ Grill ??
    Cooking meat outdoors has always been something special – a practice that unites us with our friends and family. Early grillers used charcoal and wood smoke to prepare not just … Read more
  • Top 10 Places In Australia You Must See!?
    If you’re planning to visit Australia, then here are the top ten places you have to visit! It’s hard to imagine only listing ten places to visit when you come … Read more
  • Top 7 Destinations for a Bachelor Party ?
    Whether you’re getting married or your friend is, either way you get to plan your dream bachelor’s party with your closest friends! If you’re looking for a destination, then look … Read more
  • Adding Live Chat to your Website ?
    Live Chat is the best solution for communicating with your customers from your website. Benefits of using Live Chat communicate with your customers in real time works on browser or … Read more
  • Car Leasing vs Car Buying ??✍️?
    Let’s dive right in to what stands out when leasing a new car vs buying it. Car Leasing – get into a new vehicle every couple of years with lower … Read more
  • NordVPN vs PureVPN ⚔️
    Let’s compare NordVPN vs PureVPN Both NordVPN and PureVPN are widely known for their excellent services. They are two of the most popular VPN providers available to users today. In … Read more
  • What are the benefits of using a VPN? ?
    What is a VPN? VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It is a technology that adds an extra layer of security and privacy into a public or private … Read more
  • Humidor Kit for Cigars ?‍?‍??️
    If you are planning on buying a humidor for that special someone in your life, this Spanish Cedar Humidor is a great buy. I’ve also included some additional products you’ll … Read more
  • Best Kosher Restaurants in New York City ✡️?
    My detailed list below spanning across both meat restaurants & dairy establishments. Graded from the top – down. This was long overdue. MEAT / fine-dining ?? Le Marais http://www.lemarais.com/ Wall … Read more
  • If “123456” is your password, it’s time for a change. ?
    Creating a strong password to remember is a difficult feat. A lot of people just resort to birthdays, anniversaries, dogs names, etc.. The problem with that route — is its … Read more
  • Top 3 Backpacking Travel Knapsacks ?️?
    If you have been searching for a new travel knapsack, then you can stop looking right now. We have our top 3 backpacking travel knapsacks right here for you! When … Read more
  • Flying to Cuba ?? from USA ??
    Everything you need to know about visiting Cuba from the United States! For many people traveling to Cuba is an appealing option for a vacation, but there are some things … Read more
  • 3.5 Gallons of Popcorn with Happy Birthday Tin??
    Here’s an awesome gift for the popcorn lover in your life. Comes with a beautifully designed Happy Birthday tin with handle. Popcorn Flavors included Traditional butter caramel cheddar People’s Choice … Read more
  • Start selling online ?
    If you’re looking to start selling your products or services online via your own business website, you’ll need to setup & prep a couple of things. choose a domain name … Read more
  • Kosher Dining in New York City ??
    New York City is famous for its restaurants. As you may have read – it would take 22.7 YEARS to eat at every New York City Restaurant. That’ll probably never … Read more
  • Week in New York City ?
    New York City aka Gotham City is literally the city that never sleeps. Walk through Times Square at 2am & it feels like it’s 8pm. Rain or shine – it’s … Read more
  • 7 Impressive Benefits of CBD Backed By Science ?‍♂️
    CBD is no wonder drug. It’s a tried and tested treatment substance that even in a tiny dosage can make you feel calm, happy, and relaxed in no time! If … Read more
  • Build Your Own Master Workstation using Dell 4K HD Monitors 27″ ??️
    I’m a big fan of big workstations. I personally run 3 Dell monitors 27″ to create an awesome efficient user experience. ?‍??‍??‍? Dell introduced this awesome Ultrasharp U2718Q 27-Inch 4K … Read more
  • Logitech Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Set for Windows PC ?️⌨️
    The Logitech MK545 is a great wireless keyboard mouse set. Easy to setup with USB plug-n-play. great battery life full size keyboard with number pad full size mouse hot keys … Read more
  • Top 5 Eyeglasses under $200 ?
    Are you looking for premium eyeglasses that look great and won’t cost a fortune? Then check out these eyeglasses that won’t break the budget! When it comes to eyeglasses, there … Read more
  • Top 6 Kites Perfect for the Beach ?
    Kiting is a great activity to spend when out on the beach with some friends or family. It requires a great sense of navigation & quick wit. Don’t get tangled … Read more
  • Best Children’s Drinking Cup ? ?
    If you had to choose one cup to get your toddler, it’d have to be — hands down, a Camelbak cup. If you’re not familiar, Camelbak makes their cups 100% … Read more
  • Awesome Birthday Gift Baskets for Men ???
    Here’s a couple of wholesome birthday gifts for the man in your life. Baskets include different assortment of Beer, Ice Bucket, Popcorn, Beef Jerky, Cheeses, Snacks & alot more. $69.99 … Read more
  • Does anyone still use a file cabinet? ??️
    Are you storing your important documents offline or in the cloud? Papers, contracts, bills, returns, the list of important docs we need to retain keeps getting longer. Where do you … Read more
  • Top 9 Kosher Steaks in America ?✡️
    My top 9 kosher steaks in the USA ranked by favorites. Number 1 – Le Marais 150 West 46th Street (Between 6th and 7th Ave) New York, NY 10036 http://www.lemarais.com/ … Read more
  • Reliable Web Hosting ??‍?
    Whether you’re just getting your startup off the ground or you’re looking to upgrade your existing hosting plan to a VPS or dedicated server. Dreamhost offers a handful of options … Read more
  • Macbook Pro is for Everyone ?‍??‍??‍?
    This laptop is absolutely for everyone. There’s a stigma that MacBooks are only for the creative type like musicians, editors, designers, etc… But after you play around with this laptop … Read more
  • The Office Supplies You Should Always Have Extras Of ?
    Whether you’re just starting your business & looking to buy the goods or you’re looking to refill that storage closet at your office. Here’s our list of the things you … Read more
  • Kids Mini Micro 3 Leg Extendable Scooter ?
    This awesome mini micro scooter by Micro Kickboard is a great starting scooter for children aged 2-5. With the adjustable handle bar it’ll grow with your child! Micro offers the … Read more
  • Use your cellphone while wearing winter gloves ? ❄️
    Long are the days of not wearing gloves in this brutal winter cold conditions. These awesome gloves can be used in any weather condition with non-slip touchscreen tips that let … Read more
  • KitchenAid 6-Qt Black Onyx Stand Mixer ??
    Wow. Wow. Wow. Recently got this as a gift in our bridal shower & I can’t stress enough how great this is to have in your new home. ? Whip … Read more
  • Baby’s First Balance Bike ???‍♂️
    ? Great starter bike for your toddler ?‍?‍? Suitable for boys & girls aged 10-24 months ☁️ Great tires for all terrain rides
  • Bring out the rock star in your child???
    Top 3 Instruments for your toddler to learn Guitar Drums Piano There’s tons of benefits for your child to learn an instrument early on, I’m going to list my top … Read more
  • Train your child for business success using the LeapFrog Ice Cream Cart ??
    The LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart is a great toy filled with laughter, joy & business (got to get paid when you sell your ice cream!). multi-colored ice … Read more
  • Airline Carriers Baggage Fees & How to Avoid!
    When flying on a continental or international flight, airline carriers have limits on the amount of weight your check-in bag can weigh. If you exceed that limit – they charge … Read more
  • Best Laptop under $300 ??
    Technology & hardware evolves & gets better so quick now a days. Gone are the days where a new laptop costs you roughly $1000 ? I was introduced to the … Read more
  • Find Hidden Cameras & Bugs in Hotel or Airbnb ❌?
    This is a must have for everyone. Find cameras or potential bugs planted in your hosts home or by some rogue hotel staff. If you don’t already have one of … Read more
  • Full Amazon Devices Lineup⭐
    When Amazon ventured into the hardware space, no one honestly knew we’d be where we are today. From the groundbreaking ingenuity of Alexa, awesome e-readers & children friendly tablets. We’re … Read more
  • Why Acorns is the investing leader for millennial’s ?
    Acorns helps your money grow. They enable you to invest your spare change and grow your holdings from there. Acorns.com offers a handful of useful products to help you become … Read more
  • Wyze Cam Pan with 1080p HD 360 View ??
    If you’re not already familiar with Wyze Cams aka the Silent Nest & Ring Killer ?️ Let’s break down some of the awesome features the Wyze Cam Pan has to … Read more
  • Why I use Betterment ?
    Fintech companies are all the rave these days. They are heavily disrupting the norms of financial giants who have been dominating the industry for the longest. You can choose to … Read more
  • $7 Off Your First UberEats Order ?
    New to UberEats? Enjoy $7 off your first food order. Use code: eats-k3782 Start using UberEats via the website or download the free UberEats mobile apps for Android or iOS.
  • How to Buy Bitcoin ₿
    Let’s cover the steps you’ll need to follow to buy your first bitcoin. Head on over to Coinbase.com Create an account with your name, email address & password You’ll be … Read more
  • Toddler Laptop Educational Toy ???
    If you’re like me & have a toddler who loves to copy your every move – you’ll want to consider this great educational laptop for toddlers by V-Tech. The Tote … Read more
  • Black + Decker Children’s Tools & Accessories ???
    Kids love tools. They want to take the initiative & fix their own broke toys or if something goes wrong. This is an absolute killer piece. Boasting 75 realistic toys … Read more
  • Customized Kids Piggy Bank ??
    This is a great gift for your young one. Train them on the fundamentals of saving money & planning for the future. ceramic piggy bank customized with your child’s name … Read more
  • The 3 Ways to Cut your Cigar ?️
    Cigars need to be cut at the tip before you can enjoy them. There are 3 different cutting methods. The specific cut always comes down to the personal preference of … Read more
  • Men’s Formal Black Necktie ??
    This a perfect black tie to have in your collection. Amazon Essentials offers a handful of awesome products in their collection. This tie can complete a $1000 suit or a … Read more
  • Budget JBL Bluetooth Headphones ???
    Beautiful finished Bluetooth ?? headphones compatible for phone calls ?or music ? Works amazing at home or office – noise cancelling of background noise JBL Pure Bass Sound 11 Hour … Read more
  • Birthday Cake Pops ??
    Give someone special a sweet birthday treat in the form of these delicious cake pops!  These scrumptious cake pops are sure to make anyone smile on their birthday! ? in … Read more
  • Samsonite Killer Luggage ?
    Samsonite Centric Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels is an all-around product that every traveler desires to have. This luggage is made from 100% polycarbonate material making it a lightweight yet … Read more
  • Get your kids creative juices flowing with Magna Tiles ??️
    Magna Tiles is the original creator (since 1997) 3D magnetic building sets to help engage your children by fusing together math, science and creativity If you can click it, you … Read more
  • 7 Must Have BBQ Accessories ?
    When it comes to grilling on the BBQ, there are certain BBQ accessories that every grill master needs! There is just something so rewarding about pulling a perfectly cooked steak … Read more
  • What is Kosher? ✡️
    Kosher Certification/Kashrus If you’re not a Kosher eater, you may wonder what is Kosher? A Kosher restaurant that serves food must comply with Kosher dietary laws. The restaurants must operate … Read more
  • Casdon Kids Vacuum ?
    Has your kid been hounding at you & your spouse to play with the vacuum? Do they love the awful loud sounds? Are you worried about them plugging things in … Read more
  • Super soft faux fur accent pillows ?️ ?
    These 100% microfiber pillows are an awesome addition to your bedroom or living room. Super comfortable faux fur makes laying on them pleasant. 100% microfiber polyester pillows soft & fuzzy … Read more
  • Kasa Home Automation ?
    Setup your outlets to work on a schedule or power them remotely ?? Are you out of the house & want to turn on/off your air condition? ✌️? Are you … Read more
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