Charcoal vs Gas BBQ Grill ??


Cooking meat outdoors has always been something special – a practice that unites us with our friends and family. Early grillers used charcoal and wood smoke to prepare not just meat, but fish, poultry & cooked food. Our great grandparents took great pride in their ability to cooking food for hours over open space – a tradition that is gradually fading away. Nowadays, grill enthusiasts have a modern way of preparing barbeque, they are increasingly using a – Gas BBQ Grill.

The increasing demand for Gas BBQs has led to the fall of charcoal grills. While some still enjoy using Charcoal BBQ Grills — more people are switching to Gas BBQ Grills due to its quickness and convenience. Intense debates have surfaced in recent years about which BBQ grill is best to use.

This is why we have taken the time to compare Charcoal and Gas BBQ Grills. Before we get started, let us quickly define these two types of grills. As the name implies, Gas BBQ Grills utilize gas to heat up and power the grill while charcoal grills utilize charcoal to perform the same function. Simple!

Charcoal vs Gas Comparison

Before buying a new BBQ grill, the first thing you need to consider is whether you want charcoal (wood or briquettes) or gas (propane or direct gas line) powered BBQ. The choice depends on individual preference. It’ll amaze you to see die-hard supporters of both the Charcoal and Gas BBQ grills. Each of these has its pros and cons respectively.

Convenience – Ease of Use

Let us begin our comparison with the BBQ grill that is the most convenient. Gas BBQ Grills are fast and reliable. Although they can be more expensive compared with its alternative, however, they provide more convenience. Unlike the charcoal grill, your presence won’t be needed to monitor Gas BBQ grill as the heat remains uniform and preset just as you left it. On the other hand, the heat provided by charcoal grills can be influenced by external factors such as wind.

Winner: Gas BBQ Grill


A Gas BBQ Grill is a bit more expensive than a charcoal grill as it is made with several advanced features. Lighting quick on demand, ability to switch temperature, an even distribution of heat & ease-of-control makes gas grills superior to charcoal grills. Charcoal grills also come with a heat-generating feature that can be suitably utilized to grill meat but they are not as sophisticated as Gas BBQs. In this case, your choice for which type depends on your budget.

Winner: Tie


If you are the busy type, you’ll go for equipment that is very easy to clean. When using Gas BBQ grills you don’t have to buy charcoal or wood. They usually come with a direct link to hookup to your existing gas or an attachement for a propane tank.

Winner: Gas BBQ Grill

Timing – Lightning Fast

When using charcoal grills, you’ll have to wait for the wood or charcoal to burn and circulate heat – this can be time-consuming. However, on a gas grill, you can start your cooking shortly after you’ve fired up your grill as the gas is immediately distributing heat to your grates & getting your grill nice & hot. You’ll tend to spend a lot less time on cooking your meats when using Gas BBQ grills compared to charcoal. They are perfect for impatient individuals who are ever ready to eat – say a few hamburgers, hot dogs & steaks.

Winner: Gas BBQ Grill

Differences in Flavor

Many people prefer charcoal grill because the smoke flavor it provides gives a feel of the traditional bbq smokiness & flavors. Some are content with the smoke boxes that come with gas grill; an accessory that imparts bacon-like taste. In this case, a grill option depends on your taste and what you want to grill.

Winner: Tie


Gas BBQ Grills have several small parts; they are generally difficult to assemble. In contrast, Charcoal BBQ Grills come in three to five large parts, making them easier to install.

Winner: Charcoal BBQ Grill

Temperature Adjustment

Gas BBQ’s are made of porcelain-coated iron bars which assist in distributing the heat evenly across the grill’s surface. Most Gas BBQ Grills also feature temperature settings which will let you have more control of the heat as you desire, ensuring that your meal is not overcooked. Uneven distribution of heat can be attributed to charcoal grills. You may spend time adjusting your meat on the grill over and over again and this may not end well. With Gas BBQ Grill, however, you will conveniently grill your meal, no matter its position on the grill.

Winner: Gas BBQ Grill

Multiple Burners

Many Gas BBQ Grills feature multiple burners with separate controls to allow you to adjust temperature suitable for different foods at the same time. Some even come with side burners for you to cook vegetable sauces along with the meat. None of these options are possible when using charcoal grills.

Winner: Gas BBQ Grill


Gas grills have a tendency of flaring up when greasy meats & fats begin to drip – this is also the case with charcoal grills. Due to the fact, the gas grills have the ability to easily turn off the running fire using the built-in knobs, gas grills are a bit safer by default.

Winner: Gas BBQ Grill

Pros & Cons Of Using A Charcoal BBQ Grill or Gas BBQ Grill


Gas BBQ Grill – Pros

  1. A Gas BBQ Grill is quicker to get going. They are beneficial for people who get home late from work & want to fire something up quickly.
  2. Gas BBQs are very easy to clean.
  3. With the gas grill, you can regulate and maintain the heat easily.
  4. They come with multiple burners that enable you to cook different meals.

Gas BBQ Grill – Cons

  1. Gas BBQ Grills can be harder to install.

Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal Grills – Pros

  1. Easy to install.
  2. Charcoal BBQ Grills are relatively inexpensive.

Charcoal Grills – Cons

  1. Since Charcoal Grills use charcoal or wood, it can be difficult to clean up.
  2. Fire takes time to evenly distribute – it takes time to start cooking.
  3. No multiple burners – can only cook one meal at a time.

Well, grill enthusiasts believe that charcoal BBQ Grills give your food a delicious smoky flavor – something you can’t get with a gas grill. The taste may not be noticeable with hot dogs and hamburgers, but you’ll definitely notice it when grilling steaks or chicken. On the other hand, gas grillers, are satisfied with convenience and the control of gas grills. They are satisfied knowing that they can start cooking almost immediately and can also control the heat precisely.

I’ll say it all comes down to personal preferences: what you’re used to, what you like, and your personality. While you may think that charcoal grillers are slow, most people like the wait. Some use Charcoal BBQ Grills just to test their skills when their friends and colleagues come around.

If you’re used to working with one kind of BBQ that you’re already familiar with — you’ll most probably be reluctant to change. Gas BBQ Grills are widely used as they are easier to control.


If you’re looking for a superior taste — Charcoal BBQ

If you’re looking for convenience, speed & everything else — Gas BBQ

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